Sunday, January 1, 2012

And the very last pictures of this blog...

My Darling Natalia

My Sweet Noah
(He finally got his Mohawk)

Every good thing must come to an end...
I set out to take and post pictures for every single day of 2011
and so I did. Plus one more day =)

I'm actually posting this on 2/13/12
but the dates the pictures were posted are the same day they were taken,
so no, we didn't miss ANY days, I still cannot believe it.

*The twins are now 16 months and 5 days old.
*They run and dance.
*They love dancing to LMFAO and Pitbull.
*Noah's girlfriend is Selena Gomez.
*Natalia is a flirt but Daddy is her favorite guy.
*Noah is definitely a Mama's boy. I love it.
*They say several words in English and Spanish, their favorite is agua (water)
*They like to watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Noah
even called Mickey "Daddy" a few times.
*They tackle each other and fight a lot.
*They also bite each other, but they laugh about it.
*Sometimes I think Noah is scared of Natalia. She plays rough.
*They are yogurt fanatics.
*They love that their Grandma's, Grandpa and Tim visit them on Sundays.
*They adore their Tia Jenny who watches them while
Mommy and Daddy work.
*They are both into giving kisses and hugs.
*Noah believes he is the owner of the remote control.
*They love playing peek-a-boo.
*Natalia likes to fight her sleep. No good.
*Noah once smelled Natalia's poopy while I was cleaning her
and gave her dirty looks the rest of the day. He didn't appreciate it.
*Natalia likes to smother Noah with kisses.
*Noah enjoys pulling Natalia's hair.
*They like to be cheered with clapping hands.
*They play with each other all the time and love to get mischievous together.
* Noah likes to play catch.
*When Natalia is in trouble, she looks at us, tilts her head sideways
and gives us the biggest smile she can come up with. Yes, it works on us.
*Naughty Natty is true to her name, she is the sweetest little monster.
*Noahcito is the Charming little manipulator, so we hardly notice
when he is being wicked. Smart boy.
*They love to put both hands up and ask "What happened?"
*Their laughs are the best sound I've ever heard in my life.

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